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Welcome to my music site!

Let me introduce myself and my music to you!


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My name is Jacques Koopmanschap. I was born on 14th August 1951 in Naarden., the Netherlands. Since 1982 I am happily married to Tiny, and since 1986 we have a lovely daughter, Saskia.

Until December 1st 2003 Tiny was a singing member of the "Gooise Operette", a famous Dutch operetta club. After 25 beautiful years of operetta she decided to look for something else. She found her new "second home" at

"Toonkunst Bussum", (in english it would be called: "The Art of Music Bussum")

Music is my hobby; I myself play the harmonica; mostly in public places in Bussum, Almere and Huizen, the Netherlands.

To take a look at the Music Page, go to the red link "My music" below. I don't play live on this site, but the pieces you hear are made with a sequence program! Please don't hesitate! Be welcome!

 My music


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